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Alice in Wonderland

Carl Davis

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A musical by Carl Davis, based on the classic book by Lewis Carroll; adapted by John Wells.


Follow Alice down the rabbit hole to an enchanted garden and meet the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter and Dormouse. From the Duchess and her pepper pot to the Queen of Hearts with her short temper, with every step this spellbinding new world becomes curiouser and curiouser. Don't be late, keep your head and watch out for cats with big fat grins.

Alice and her adventures underground have been a favourite of children all over the world for nearly 140 years. This musical version (scored for a band of seven musicians) is by John Wells and Carl Davis, the acclaimed composer whose diverse output encompasses music for ballet, film, silent film, television, concert hall and theatre.


1 Flute (doubling Piccolo)
1 Bassoon
1 Trumpet in C 
1 Piano (doubling Celeste)
1 Synth
1 Cello


Score and parts available for hire


Application pack includes application form, character list, terms and conditions and costing details. Download your application pack below:



Cast Size: Large (16+)

Genre(s): Musical Theatre

‘… it's joyously acted, and composer Carl Davis’s Mozart-meets-Gilbert and Sullivan pastiche score is a delight.’
The Guardian (Alfred Hickling), 8 December 2005
‘In an age which children’s imaginations are cluttered with computer generated images and spectacular special effects on myriad screens the theatre often has its work cut out to make an impact.  All credit to West Yorkshire Playhouse then for this production.  One aimed directly at children that makes no concessions by way of dumbing down or shying away from the inherently surreal nature of the story.  In fact the production pays homage to the brilliant bizarreness of Lewis Carroll’s book by tackling its apparent problems head on.  It positively revels in the quirkiness… cruelties, illogic and downright insanity of Alice’s adventures – and judging by the rapt attention and obvious delight… received by an audience packed with under-10s.  From the moment the white rabbit appeared it was clear that Brown’s production was going to be a visual treat. 
Underpinning an extensive music score by Carl Davis that was pure Mozart on magic mushrooms.  It gave the action an operatic dimension that helped mould together the essentially episodic nature of the story.’
The Yorkshire Evening Post (Paul Woodhouse) 15 December 2005
‘Carl Davis’s deft score is packed with playful allusions to Victorian styles.’
The Independent (Lynne Walker) 12 December 2005
‘The magical inhabitants of Wonderland shine with personalities as colourful as their attire.’
Metro, December 2005