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Around the World @ Christmas Time (KS2)

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Words and music by Sara Ridgely and Gavin Mole 


If a cast of characters emerged from your computer screen and invited you on a festive journey to create the Christmas website, you'd go, wouldn't you? This is what happens in Around The World @ Christmas time. From rock numbers to ballads, barber shop to beat box, ragtime to victorian parlour music, calypso to rock'n'roll - sing and dance around the world and across time with this sparkling seasonal musical! Explore festive Norse legends, Hanukkah, the feast of Saturnalia, winter solstice in the Caribbean and a nineteenth century American Christmas. Find out how Cromwell banned Christmas in seventeenth century England, why slaves had such a great time at Saturn's all-night parties, and how Silent Night came to be written. Visit Africa, Italy, Scandinavia, Austria, the UK, USA and more. A perfect show for primary schools.


Upper voices and piano with optional guitar chords (with CD) 


Book for sale. Rights available from Faber Musicals.


Application pack includes application form, song list and full costing details. Download your application pack below:



Cast Size: Large (16+)

Genre(s): Christmas, School Show