Days of Hope

Howard Goodall

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Music and lyrics by Howard Goodall based on a book by Renata Allen


Days of Hope is set in Spain in 1939, in the dying moments of the Spanish Civil War. The story begins with a family celebrating the marriage of the daughter, Sofia, to an English volunteer, but the wedding meal is tinged with anger at Franco and his fascists. The family’s plan to flee to England is made harder as, over the course of the evening, various visitors bring different perspectives upon their condemnation of Franco, of Mussolini and Hitler for their intervention, and of Britain’s non-intervention. The family ends up being torn apart, trying to decide whether to flee or stay and fight…


2 guitars
double bass


Vocal scores, orchestral parts and libretti are available for hire. Please see application pack. 


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Cast Size: Large (16+)

Genre(s): Musical Theatre, War


'… he does have a unique way of charming us with expected and predictable rhyming verses. But it is indeed his music which stands out; with its mix of hypnotic rhythm and melancholic nostalgia it is very easy on the ear.'

One Stop Arts (Joe Crystal) 15 October 2013

'… to my mind (and ears) the best contemporary British composer of musicals we have…'

Mark Shenton - Theatre Critic