B.C Stephenson

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A musical by Alfred Cellier written by B.C Stephenson

Published by Warner/Chappell. Administered for hire worldwide (excluding North America) by Faber Music Ltd


Rural Kent in 1740

The plot surrounds the Squire’s daughter, Dorothy and her cousin Lydia, who, tired of the social rounds, decide to pose as villagers during the festival of the Hop Pole, (an annual celebration occurring in the vicinity of the Hop Pole Inn), at the end of the Hop picking season. It so happens that Geoffrey a “young English gentleman”, and his friend Harry, under assumed names, are using the Hop Pole Inn as a hideout to escape Lurcher, a Sheriff’s officer who has been chasing them with a bundle of writs. The men and girls are mutually attracted but neither pair knows the other’s true identity.  Lurcher arrives on the scene and is tricked into posing as a servant to the two men when they visit the house of the Squire. There is a faked burglary, Lurcher dines too well, identities are exposed but the end is obvious and happy.   


1 flute I
1 flute II 
1 oboe
1 clarinet I
1 clarinet II
1 bassoon
1 horn I 
1 cornet
1 trombone
1 drums
1 timpani
2 violins I
1 violin II
1 viola
1 cello/double bass


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Cast Size: Large (16+)

Genre(s): Musical Theatre, Romantic