Family Rondo

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Music and Lyrics by Vera Heade. Book and additional lyrics by Dennis Atkinson.

Published by Warner/Chappell. Administered for hire and stage rights worldwide (excluding North America) by Faber Music Ltd


When two young children discover some old photographs hidden in the drawer of an old desk, a wonderful yet sad tale of past lives is brought to life.  Set over a time span of many years we see the tale unfold of Master Frederick and his father, once Lord and master of the manor.  When Master Frederick falls in love with a beautiful village girl by the name of Alicia, he is faced with heartbreaking ultimatum; either leave Alicia or leave his family.  Torn by love, Master Frederick and Alicia leave for Australia. Several years later, a young stranger arrives on the scene enquiring about the Old Manor and is eventually revealed as being the son of Master Frederick.  John, (the son), vows to buy back the Manor and return it to its rightful owner, Master Frederick.


Piano accompaniment


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Cast Size: Flexible

Genre(s): Musical Theatre, Romantic, School Show