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Music by Jim Parker with lyrics and Libretto by Wally K. Daly

Published by Warner/Chappell. Administered for hire and stage rights worldwide (excluding North America) by Faber Music Ltd


Early New Testament

Olly, in charge of the angels, gives Gabby (the Angel Gabriel) the task of going below to Nazareth where he must find a lady called Mary and tell her some news. Gabby is thrilled to have something to do because Angels only grow taller if they do good work.  At the moment Gabby is rather small.  After finding Mary and telling her that she is going to have a baby, he does something he has been instructed not to do – he lets Joseph see him.  When Gabby reports back to Heaven, Olly is annoyed with him for disobeying orders.  However, he gives him another chance. Gabby is assigned the job of being the star that the Three Wise Men follow all the way from their lands to Bethlehem.  Angy, Jelly and Lofty, three other angels, are told to make the Three Wise Men decide to follow the star.  The vain and cruel Herod meets the Wise Men who innocently tell him that a Saviour is soon to be born who will be King.  Herod secretly determines that the baby must not be allowed to live. Mary and Joseph arrive in Bethlehem and because they are turned away by the Inn Keepers the baby is born in a stable.  When Herod comes trying to find the baby, the crib is hidden by Oxy, Assy and Angel Chicago.  Gabby has been so good at being a star that he finds himself grown noticeably taller.  After Herod has gone Gabby comes to earth and goes to the crib to view the baby.  Gabby is closely followed by the Three Wise Men who bring gifts.  Suddenly, Herod returns.  The angels hurriedly erect a small wall of cloud to hide Mary, Joseph and the crib.  Herod and his soldiers are beaten back by Oxy, Assy and the weather (with some assistance from the audience).  Finally, Mary, Joseph and the baby are helped on their way with a happy song. 

“Follow The Star” is a delightfully fresh retelling of how Christmas began.  There are plenty of opportunities for audience participation; children especially will find it difficult not to become involved in the events enacted on the stage.  


2 violins I
1 violin II
1 viola
1 cello
1 double bass
1 flute
1 clarinet
1 trumpet
1 trombone
1 percussion
1 guitar
1 piano 


A full set of orchestral parts is available at a hire fee of £75.00 per set, per month, as are vocal scores at £3.50 per copy, per month. 

Libretti are commercially available, and can be purchased from bookshops and on-line retailers.

To view a perusal copy of the vocal score, click here.


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Cast Size: Flexible

Genre(s): Musical Theatre, Christmas, School Show