Lisbon Story

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A musical by Harry Parr-Davies, with libretto and lyrics by Harold Purcell. 

Published by Warner/Chappell. Administered for hire and stage rights worldwide (excluding North America) by Faber Music Ltd


Lisbon and Paris 1939 – 43

In this exciting story of Second World War espionage, Parisian singing star Gabrielle Girard is parted from the man she loves.  He is David Warren of the British Foreign Office who has been posted to Washington.  By chance they meet again in Lisbon, a neutral centre of wartime intrigue.  Here David and co-agent Mike O’Rourke are caring for Lisette Sargon, whose scientist father is expected to be smuggled from France with important secrets for the allies.  Unfortunately, he is captured and imprisoned by the Nazis in France.  Von Schriner is a Nazi Cultural representative whose job it is to persuade exiled and distinguished artists to return home and resume their careers.  Gabrielle declines his professional and romantic overtures until he agrees to let her  choose the people she wants to appear with and to run her theatre in Paris.  She is then able to get Sargon released from a concentration camp and to reunite him with Lisette.  When Von Schriner discovers the scientist’s identity he threatens to disclose all he knows unless Gabrielle becomes his mistress.  There follows an attempt by David and Mike to smuggle Gabrielle, Sargon and Lisette to London after opening of the musical “La Comtesse” in which Gabrielle and Lisette are appearing.  In order to create a diversion Gabrielle impersonates Lisette and rouses the audience with a patriotic speech.  To the sounds of The Marseilleise, revolver shots, and British bombs, the curtain comes down.  Gabrielle has enabled Lisette and her father to escape but only at the cost of her own life. 


1 flute
1 oboe
1 clarinet I
1 clarinet II
1 bassoon
1 horn I 
1 horn II
1 trumpet I
1 trumpet II
1 trombone
1 percussion
1 harp
2 violin I 
1 violin II 
1 viola
1 cello
1 double bass


A full set of orchestral parts are available at a hire fee of £75.00 per set, per month as are vocal scores at £3.50 per copy, per month and libretti at £2.50 per copy, per month. 


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Genre(s): Musical Theatre, War