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Penny the Raindrop (KS1)

Lin Marsh

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Words and music by Lin MarshPart of the Junior Spotlight Series.


This is the story of the water cycle told through the eyes of a raindrop. All children study the water cycle and this is an imaginative and creative way of learning about it, which will help with literacy skills as well as giving them appropriate and enjoyable singing material. The story and seven songs take us through cloud, drain, sewer, stream, river and out into the sea, finally evaporating back to the cloud. Most of the songs can stand on their own either for dance, movement or singing or you can put them all together with narration and go to town with costume and scenery! Perfect for primary schools!


Upper voices and piano (with optional accompaniment CD)


Little Raindrops
The Sewer
The Rat's Song
Tadpole rock
Go with the Flow
Seaweed Welcome
The Clouds 


Book for sale. Rights available from Faber Musicals

Penny the Raindrop is printed alongside 'Toy Box', a show consisting of seven fun action songs about robots, trains, kites and dressing-up.


Genre(s): School Show, Spotlight Series