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Swell Party, A

John Kane

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Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter. Written by John Kane and Conceived by David Kernan. Originally produced at the Vaudeville Theatre, London by David Kernan and Karl Sydow.

Published by Warner/Chappell. Administered for hire and stage rights worldwide (excluding North America) by Faber Music Ltd


“A Swell Party” is a celebration of the life of Cole Porter through words and music.  The show attempts to re-create the spirit of Cole, his life and works.  He is portrayed, not as the old man crippled by the terrible riding accident, but as the young, vibrant image of sophistication and glamour which he and his music represented for so long to so many people.  During the first act we travel back to time to his childhood years and the early struggles to perfect his art, climaxing with an unbroken string of great songs composed during his most successful early period.  The terrible accident which was to cripple him for the rest of his life is only hinted at and the first Act ends with Cole riding on the wave of his success.  Act Two momentarily recounts the events surrounding his accident and his struggle to maintain his lifestyle in its aftermath.  Inevitably his work suffers due to a loss of energy and the constant pain he has to endure.  But this show is not about his pain, but about the genius and indomitable spirit.  With a new generation of composers and lyricists snatching the laurel wreath from him, Cole fights back and his reward is his great stage and film successes names “Kiss Me Kate” and “High Society”.  The final song presented in the evening’s entertainment is “Wouldn’t It Be Fun Not To Be Famous”, however, the audience will have no doubt that despite the painful latter years, Cole enjoyed his life to the full. 


2 pianos


A piano accompaniment is available at a hire fee of £50.00, per month as are vocal scores at £3.50 per copy, per month and libretti at £2.50 per copy, per month.


Application pack includes application form, song and character lists, terms and conditions and full costing details. Download your application pack below:



Cast Size: Small (2-15)

Genre(s): Revue