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Tam Lin (KS2)

Lin Marsh

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Words and music by Lin MarshPart of the Junior Spotlight Series.


Tam Lin is a Scottish folk tale telling the story of Janet, a young girl who lives in a castle with her father. One day she runs to Carterhaugh forest where the handsome and enchanted Tam Lin lives. Back at the castle, Janet cannot stop dreaming about this young man, Life goes on around her but she is drawn to the forest again. Tam Lin tells Janet he is bewitched: when he was a child, the Queen of the fairies caught him and put him under a spell, which can only be broken by a young maiden on halloween night. Janet must wait while the fairies approach, wach the black horse and brown horse go by, then pull Tam Lin from his milk-white steed. He will change into various creatures but she must hold him tight until at last he is a burning ember. When she throws this into the well, Tam Lin will emerge and the spell will be broken. Janet bravely succeeds in her task; together they escape the Fairy Queen and return to the castle where they are happily wed. Ideal for primary schools!


upper voices and piano (with optional accompaniment CD)


The castle
Tam Lin's story 
Now the cuckoo, she sings 
Never go near the forest
Janet tied up her kirtle green
Lady, why d'you pick the rose?
Look through the window
Why is this creature still haunting my dreams?
Harvest time
Hurry Janet, night is falling
Tam Lin, how can i save you? 
Let go by the black horse
The spell, it is broken


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Cast Size: Large (16+)

Genre(s): School Show, Spotlight Series