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Music by Tony Rees. Lyrics by Gary Young and Tony Rees. Book by Maureen Ann Moran

Published by Warner/Chappell. Administered for hire and stage rights worldwide (excluding North America) by Faber Music Ltd


The musical traces the rise to fame of Tilly Devine from London prostitute at the end of World War I to reigning “Bordello Queen” of Sydney’s underground, during the Depression and World War II.  Tilly at her fiftieth birthday party, once again the centre of scandalous headlines, looks back to her “rise to infamy”, the two great loves of her life, Digger Devine and Mike, her outrageous history and her remarkable ability to survive.  This energetic, colourful, gutsy, risqué romp is also the poignant and human story of this woman’s battle to “keep her head above water” and to hold on to some semblance of love and life.  She turns every opportunity to her advantage.  Her methods are unorthodox.  Her manner is brash.  She is the “rough diamond” the newspapers call “THE QUEEN OF CRIME” – She is Tilly Devine. 


1 piano
1 bass
1 trumpet I
1 trumpet II
1 trombone I
1 trombone II
1 alto saxophone
1 tenor saxophone
1 drums
1 percussion
1 timpani


A full set of orchestral parts are available at a hire fee of £75.00 per set, per month as are vocal scores at £3.50 per copy, per month and libretti at £2.50 per copy, per month.


Application pack includes application form, song and character lists, terms and conditions and full costing details. Download your application pack below:



Cast Size: Flexible

Genre(s): Musical Theatre